All  instruments Patrick G. R. Gallagher except:

Owen Malcolm: Drums on “Friday Comes” and “Sam the Monkey”

Andy Cattanach: Tuba on “Forever England”, Bass Trombone on “Sam the Monkey”

Chris Bolton: Fiddle on “Farewell to St Kilda”

Elizabeth E. Gallagher: Pizzicato Violin on “Straw to  Alabama”

Catherine R. Gallagher: Pizzicato Cello on “Straw to  Alabama”


 Tom van den Berg: "Way to Go" Dutch translation (under duress).

Pound Town recorded at Irn Sole Studio, Accrington using Digidesign Session 8 

on a Windows 95 PC unscathed by the  march of time.

Produced by Patrick G. R. Gallagher,  assisted by John  Casson .

All words and music by Patrick G. R. Gallagher except:

 “Straw to Alabama” coda borrowed from Die Zauberflotte by W. A. Mozart,  

libretto byEmmanuel Schikaneder


All songs copyright © 2007 Patrick G. R. Gallagher

All rights reserved.



To the memory of Jean Charles de Menezes


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